The Story

I love design. Always have. I attended a four year college and learned and experienced fine arts. Next I applied this art experience and BFA to graphic design and the computer world. My first job was with a print company where I fell in love with all that is print. The process is intense, complicated and magical all at the same time. From this job I moved onto advertising and marketing and applied all my design and print skills through a few more companies learning, discovering and climbing.

I was then introduced to a wonderful advertising/consulting agency here in Breckenridge. I worked strictly freelance before becoming an Art Director, then a Creative Director for this company. This became my home away from home for nearly 8 years until the agency merged its mountain office with its Denver office. This was an impossible move for my family so I had to make the difficult decision to stay and not move on with my other family. Squeeze was born. I’ve applied my skills, experience and passion for design to my studio and have loved every day since.

I've also created a website design company along with a wedding/event/stationery company.