3D + 2D Homebuilding

Building Information Modeling is a virtual design process that allows Trilogy, and their clients, to originate creatively driven custom homes faster, and for less money, than other homebuilders ever thought possible. Trilogy is the best in the mountain region but they needed to let their audience know what this process is and how it works but through 2D, print visual advertising. I was tasked by Trilogy to show how their Building Information Modeling worked step by step so their audience would be able to understand this process without viewing it in 3D format.

This print visual is being utilized through direct mail, usb, website, blog, etc. It is also being creatively modified into a video showing the steps from 2D drawing and sketching to 3D computer to a 3D photo visual all while moving, growing and slowing developing/building into a home. Beginning from a simple property photo to a complete, finished photographed home in that very spot on the property.